What’s new for 2022? Premium Koi Selection Auction

Our new koi fish rating system for 2022

With the beginning of the new year comes change. We are thankful for all your support and are very excited to introduce our…

*NEW* Premium Auction!

Starting in 2022 regular koi fish auctions will be held every two weeks. During these auctions some koi fish may be marked as “Premium” as shown below.

What does being marked premium mean?

  • Since we all know every koi is hand selected by Mr. Quintero….lets just cut to the chase. We may see very very few “Premium” koi fish to take the honor of being deemed as “Premium” but when they are posted…..” Cream of the crop”!
  • aka ” Stupid Good”
  • aka ” Bangers”
  • aka ” Big Ballin”
  • aka “Dream Koi”

What’s beyond 5 stars? What’s beyond 6 stars?


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