It is not often that something new and exciting comes to the koi selection world.  However Mr. Taniguchi has worked over 12 years to develop a new koi named “ Golden Corn” which falls under the Kawarimono variety.  This translates to “unique koi” and is used to describe a nonstandard variety which is usually produced in very limited quantity.  The name golden koi was used because looking at the famous 2020 show winner…..well I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Winner 2020

The very defined scales have a darker center marking giving it a corn on the cob look and also resembling the candy corn colors found during Halloween time.  As smaller tosai ( under 1 year old) they drastically change which is part of the appeal of watching them transform in your pond.  Another great fact is that this golden corn koi fish has the DNA of a chagoi of at least 40 inches!  What does this mean?  It means that Taniguchi Golden Corn Koi get large quickly with an emphasis on LARGE SIZE!

Below we will show case the different transformation that golden corn koi from Taniguchi Koi Farm can blossom into…..truly breathtaking!

QuinteroKOI has acquired a very limited supply for the USA market of very high quality Golden Corn Koi.  Please enjoy these pieces of koi history and good luck in the koi fish auction!

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