6 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Japanese Koi Fish for Sale

Few animals are as beautiful, social, and unique as Japanese Koi fish! These beautiful creatures have existed since the 17th century when selective breeding of brown carp lead to gorgeous variations in colors and patterns. Today, these fish are a staple in any backyard pond. 

If you’re seeking Japanese Koi fish for sale, it’s important to understand what to look for. When healthy, a koi fish can live as long as thirty years! A long, happy life begins when you choose the ideal fish for your pond. 

If you are ready to learn how to buy a Japanese Koi fish, read on to learn six things to look for. Then, visit Quintero Koi to bid on the gorgeous Koi of your dreams! 

1. Check the Body Shape

The average Japanese Koi fish will have a thin body shape and a broad head. The overall shape should look streamlined. The key to choosing the best Japanese koi is symmetry, so keep that in mind when buying a Japanese koi fish. 

2. Clean and Bright Skin

Regardless of which type of koi fish you buy, the animal’s skin should have a bright and shiny look to it. Many types of koi fish do have visible scales, and that is a normal feature in a healthy fish. Doitsu Koi, however, will not have any scales, but should still have a clean, shiny appearance. 

3. Check for Fraying 

When buying a Japanese Koi fish, make sure to check the animal’s fins for signs of fraying. This can be a sign of health problems that can infect an otherwise healthy pond.

Furthermore, when choosing a Japanese koi, ensure that it does not have any unusual scars or indentations. Bumps and lumps on the fish’s body might be a sign of an illness or disease. 

4. Even Patterning

The symmetry of a Japanese Koi fish goes beyond a simple body shape. Patterning does not need to be perfectly symmetrical, but you should look for even patterning throughout the body of the fish. 

Patterns on Japanese Koi fish are not static, however. Unlike cats and dogs, the patterns on a Koi fish can change and develop as they grow and age. Even so, starting with a symmetrical animal ensures that they will live long enough to develop new and unique patterns!

5. Saturated Color

The color of your Japanese Koi fish should be deep and bright, without any faded areas. Koi come in a variety of common color and pattern combinations, each with unique names. There is no one ideal color or variety, and the fish’s appearance is up to your personal taste.

Do note, however, that colors and patterns may affect Japanese koi fish prices. Unique and striking fish might cost more. 

6. Notice the Personality

Despite being fish, Japanese Koi fish have friendly personalities and get to know the people who feed them. Any Japanese koi for sale should be somewhat energetic and active. If a fish lingers near the bottom of the tank or pond, it could be unhealthy or experiencing stress. 

Japanese Koi Fish for Sale at Quintero Koi

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